Tenun+KOU KYOTO-Hitomi Nagamatsu

TNB0141|L|170/160 mm|68,000 yen
TNB0131|M|130/120 mm|40,000 yen
TNB0121|S|100/90 mm|19,500 yen

TNB0241|L|210/23 mm|48,000 yen
TNB0221|S|160/22 mm|21,000 yen

TNB0321|a|90/120 mm|19,000 yen
TNB0331|b|90/90 mm|17,000 yen
TNB0341|c|80/100 mm|18,000 yen

TNB0442|L|H120mm  ebony 28,000 yen
TNB0443|L|H120mm  mulberry 22,000 yen
TNB0432|M|H80mm  ebony 26,000 yen
TNB0433|M|H80mm  mulberry 19,000 yen
TNB0422|S|H450mm  ebony 24,000 yen
TNB0423|S|H450mm  mulberry 18,000 yen

*All prices exclude tax.

Tenun+KOU KYOTO is a series of works created in collaboration with Hitomi Nagamatsu of 'KOU KYOTO'. The shape and size of the vases has been designed so that it can be used for a wide range of purposes, both as a tableware and as a vase. The legs can be detached, further expanding the possibilities of use. Nagamatsu's unique point of view and aesthetic sense, which they has acquired through their extensive experience with western antiques, is evident in these pieces.